3 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Business Assets


3 Guaranteed Ways to Lose (Almost) All of Your Business Assets…

Welcome to the 21st century.

We have fully entered an Age of Information, where almost anything that can be found in terms of information on a subject, can be found.

Knowledge Is Power Harbor InstituteThat includes all information about your business, including some information you might not have considered.

This information gives you power as a small business owner, but also gives people power to voice their opinions and use the Internet to find information to use against you.

Also, not all information is quality (or correct) information, which can lead to some bad decisions.

This new access to information is the leverage that makes the following even more possible…

Here are 3 ways to put your business on the short path to “closing up shop”…

You wouldn’t want to close your business because of something you hadn’t prepared for, at least in most cases.

That said it’s unfortunate that a good number of small business owners still leave their businesses wide open to the potential for closing early in 3 overlooked ways.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Losing a lawsuit, no matter how crazy it might seem.

Information, and the ability to publish it online, provides people with an enormous amount of power.  If someone doesn’t like something about your business, they can publish a review, start a blog, or even go to the press and spread their opinion.

This can even happen even if you seemingly did little or nothing wrong.

But even worse, someone can file a lawsuit against your business in our highly litigious society.  And even if the reason for filing a lawsuit isn’t totally sound, the time, resources and legal representation you need to devote to any lawsuit can be expensive.

It can put you out of business if you’re not prepared.  There are ways to protect your personal and business assets from legal action, and we cover some of those in a special report we offer for free (see the end of this article).

  • Bad investment decisions and lack of capital.

Money talks and B.S. walks.

It’s cliché, but it’s true … if your business lacks proper operating capital for payroll, inventory, marketing etc… then it’s as good as dead.

But worse, if you make a bad investment decision, you might have to close up shop just to recover from the financial setback.  Make a poor real-estate investment decision; suffer a lawsuit as a result of being “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” etc…

Any number of possibilities exists for a bad money situation.  But the good news is there are ways to keep you safe.  Some common strategies rely on incorporation of your business, general money management or investment strategy, or the structure of your personal and business assets.

The type of general advice you can find from sites like Fidelity, CNN Money, and others is fine, for covering the basics.

As you’ll soon see in our latest report … sometimes the basics don’t cover what you need.

  • The I.R.S. and having a poor tax strategy.

And then there’s the I.R.S. … the one entity that can either make your business and personal life a living hell, or, because of certain protection loopholes in the tax code … give you the leverage you need to pay only the taxes that you should be.

It all relies on the tax strategy for your business.

It’s said there are two tax systems in our country.

“In America, there are two tax systems: one for the informed and one for the uninformed. Both are legal” — Billings Learned Hand

Which system do you want to use?

How to protect yourself, your business, and your income…

Obviously, having the proper guidance and advice when it comes to protecting and growing your business and personal assets is a large and complex topic for just one article.

Which is why in this particular case, I’m going to ask you to download one of our reports and look into two key strategies we call the “C-Vault” and “S-Vault” protection strategies.

Here is an excerpt from the report…

It’s not just a “sue happy” customer, a disgruntled employee, or an ex-spouse
that is putting your business and personal assets at risk anymore.

Nefarious entities now troll the Internet looking for successful people to exploit.
With those concerns in mind, we offer two solutions worth your consideration.

These solutions are a series of layered corporate structures that legally provide
small business owners, and their loved ones, with same sophisticated layers of
protection usually enjoyed only by the mega-rich.

Keep in mind, the following report only represents a small sliver of the immense volume of tactics, strategies, and business asset-securing knowledge we offer to our Members.

But by downloading it today, you can get an inside look at the same wealth strategies the uber-wealthy use to grow their businesses, protect their companies, and secure their financial future.


Want more?  Start with our newest report, The Elite “Fort Knox” Strategy, part of our Small Business Elite Protection Library … where we reveal the detailed model for keeping more business revenue while paying fewer taxes, and making all of those assets as “bullet-proof” and secure as possible … plus a whole lot more…

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