A Brief History of the Company


The Story Behind Harbor City

In 2013, after more than 22 years of experience building, buying, and selling companies in advertising, marketing, and publishing, Founder JP Maroney started “Harbor City” as a multinational enterprise that specializes in digital marketing arbitrage, digital private equity, and venture capital funding.

Building on a long history of entrepreneurial successes and learning experiences, Maroney raised his first outside money for Harbor City in late 2013 and officially commenced operations January 1, 2014. Within just a few weeks he obtained his first proof of concept on his early investments in the DMA strategy.

The idea behind DMA is simple, yet brilliant in it’s simplicity. Rather than look at money spent on advertising for lead generation as an “expense”, Maroney views it as an investment that has the potential to deliver a return on investment (ROI) when the lead is either sold to a prearranged buyer, or monetized through internet-based promotions.

The formula is straightforward: Spend “X” on digital advertising, get paid “Y” for the lead, and collect “Z” as the profit or ROI. Often we believe, the ROI on any given campaign can range from 20% to 100% or more. And, since Harbor City is paid within 15 to 60 days, we believe that internal rates of return, and cash on cash production from this investment strategy can be substantial.

During Harbor City’s first year of operations, Maroney raised a little more than one million dollars in debt from individual investors. Those funds were deployed across seven niche markets, his early success with the DMA strategy we believe was more than a fluke and had the potential to grow into something substantial.

Since then, Maroney has built the Harbor City team, surrounding himself with top performers in digital advertising, performance marketing, and operations. The company has expanded into niche markets, and further increased the capital based, investing heavily in people, processes, and digital marketing assets while positioning the business for rapid scale using its proven business model.

We believe the business is now poised for rapid scale and growth in the $200 Billion digital advertising space. The next few years are going to be an exciting ride.

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