Harbor City Investment Review


Harbor City Investment Review: An Alternative Way to Grow Your Money

Harbor City Capital is a multinational enterprise that specializes in digital marketing arbitrage, digital private equity, and venture capital funding.

Serving as a destination for alternative yields, Harbor City Capital seeks to take a data-driven, bottoms-up approach to monetizing internet traffic by identifying select industry verticals and applying a proprietary model of execution to drive a diversified set of income streams.

A Brief History

Founder JP Maroney raised his first outside money for Harbor City Capital from friends and family in late 2013 and officially commenced operations on January 1, 2014. Within just a few weeks he obtained his first proof of concept in the strategy he ultimately dubbed “Digital Marketing Arbitrage” (DMA).

During Harbor City Capital’s first years of operations, Maroney deployed his startup funds across several niche markets, we believe that his early success with the DMA strategy was more than a fluke and had the potential to grow into something substantial.

Who is JP Maroney?

JP Maroney is the Founder and CEO of Harbor City Capital.  He is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than 26-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies.

JP inspires and educates audiences with his business principles, ideas and strategies that have been hammered out on the anvil of experience.  He is also a popular keynote and seminar speaker with more than 2,500 presentations under his belt.

 Here’s a video message from Harbor City Capital Founder JP Maroney:

Harbor City Capital’s service seeks to include a process of capitalizing on the difference between costs and advertising, which can generate profit margins, enabling businesses to attract appropriate potential clients for their specific offer.  The spread - or difference - between the revenue per lead and the actual cost of capturing that lead, we believe generates profits for the company.

We believe strategic investments in technology, testing, an expert professional team, and lead data have given Harbor City Capital an edge over its competitors and created a substantial barrier to entry for others.

Harbor City Capital Review: Digital Marketing Arbitrage

For investors, Harbor City Capital aims to generate returns through a strategy called “Digital Marketing Arbitrage” (DMA).  In this strategy, the investor spends “X” on digital advertising, gets paid “Y” for the lead, and collects “Z” as the profit or ROI. 

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