HCCF-1 Bond Update


A quick heads up…

We’re looking to close the 18% 2-Year High Yield Bond by the end of the month.

That means we only have a few more days to complete your investment.


#1 – Get ALL your questions answered.

It’s important that you:

a) Understand the business model driving these 18% returns
b) Understand how we’ve made this a low risk, high return investment
c) Understand that you can trust our highly experienced team

In other words… you need to LOVE this investment to participate.

#2 – Determine the size of your initial investment.

The minimum is $50k.

But, you need to consider this question: How much do you need to invest in order to “move the needle for you?”

Most investors are coming in around the $100k-$200k range to start.

They’re testing this out for 6-10 months, and then planning to come in with more later.

By then, you’ll have 6-10 monthly payments of 1.5%/mo IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

$100k = $1,500 per month
$250k = $3,750 per month
$500k = $7,500 per month

#3 – Complete and fund your subscription.

CLICK HERE to get the documents.

CLICK HERE if you need to speak to someone first.

Or call our office at 321-608-0605 and ask to speak to Betsy.

Let’s make this happen!

JP Maroney
Founder & CEO
Harbor City Capital

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