Lead Generation Services


Information Marketers –  Do you sell digital information products? We can help  flood your website with traffic and fill your webinars with eager buyers. At the same time we will set up a funnel to build your email list so that you can literally print money on demand.

Event Organizers – Do you run live events? There’s no worse feeling than a  room full of empty seats. We can help you fill your events to capacity. Your speakers will be happy … and so will your bank account!

Online Marketers / Affiliates – Selling Tee shirts on teespring? Selling internet marketing MMO products? Selling dog training products? No matter what you are selling online we can help you sell more of it.

Webinar Marketers – Do you sell products and services through webinars? We have been doing our own webinars for years.  We’ll  help you set up a killer funnel and flood it with traffic. The result will be a packed webinar full of people that want to buy your stuff.  Already have a funnel? We can help you tweak it for best results or just send you a ton of traffic.

EMail Marketers – Here at Harbor City we are experts at building targeted email lists from scratch. Whether you want us to build out your entire funnel, or just send you traffic, we’re experts at what we do and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Network Marketers / Home Based Business – Are you tired of chasing your friends and family to join your home business?  We can fill your inbox with opportunity seekers who want to work from home and have the money to invest.

Service Professionals –  Are you a realtor that needs more listings? Are you an insurance professional that needs more clients? We can create a funnel that will drive targeted prospects to you on demand.

Speakers /  Coaches / Consultants – Do you make money by selling your knowledge? We can fill your webinars and conference calls with eager buyers. We can also bring traffic to your website and bring you more customers and clients while increasing your ROI.

CPA Marketers  – are you running CPA offers? we can provide the traffic as well as some private high paying offers exclusive to us.

Don’t see your business here? We work with all kinds of businesses, both online and offline. Don’t be afraid to ask.  There is a good chance we can help.

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