Less Taxes, More Small Business Revenue


How To Start Using The Elite “Fort Knox” Strategy To Pay Less Taxes, Keep More Small Business Revenue, And Protect Your Business and Personal Assets…

Whether you’re just starting a small business, or you’ve been in business for 10 years, you need to pay close attention to this article.

Because the information about to be revealed will protect your business from lawsuits, crazy people, and even the I.R.S. itself.

It will allow you to keep more revenue instead of shoveling it out on your annual tax bill or paying a team of lawyers to defend you in court.

The best part is this Elite “Fort Knox” Strategy is simple to implement.  You can even start today if you would like.

This strategy involves two options, and each option has three “layers.”

Choose Your Own Adventure Harbor InstituteNow it’s time to choose your own adventure…

The two strategies to choose from, each part of this Elite “Fort Knox” Strategy, have their own use.

One is called the “C Vault Strategy,” and one is called the “S Vault Strategy.”

Since you either are starting a small business, or have currently operated one for some time, you can probably recognize that each strategy seems similar to a form of corporate structure.  A “C” corporation … or a “S” corporation.

And you would be right, and most business owners or executives stop there (forming one of the two corporation types).

That’s where we take this to the next level and turn this into a strategy that is as secure as Fort Knox…

The layers of protection you need for each Vault Strategy to work, and secure your business assets like Fort Knox…

The “C Vault Strategy” Layers of Protection:  This strategy starts by providing superior liability protection for businesses and owners by separating the risks associated with the core operating business, from the risks associated with the individual owner(s) of the business, in two distinct ways…

To begin, this strategy adds the same level of asset protection inherent to basic incorporation in its first layer, while providing an additional layer for “ultimate” protection.

This strategy also provides a forward-thinking estate planning solution designed to facilitate the distribution of the business’ assets to designated beneficiaries selected by the business owner(s) upon the death of the business owner(s).  This, while also providing business continuity in the event you or another co-owner is incapacitated.

The “S Vault Strategy” Layers of Protection:

Like Vault “C” this strategy also provides liability protection for businesses and owners by separating the risks associated with the core operating business, from the risks associated with the individual owner(s) of the business.

It provides this level of asset security by using the “corporate veil”.  This strategy also provides an additional level of privacy for the business owner(s), which will be explained in detail on our newest special report – The “Fort Knox” Protection Strategy.

This strategy uses the same methodology for continual operation of the business in the case of incapacitate of the business owner(s).

But obviously, having the proper guidance and advice when it comes to protecting your small business is a large and complex topic for just one article.

This article only represents a small sliver of the immense volume of tactics, strategies, and business asset-securing knowledge we offer to our Members.

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