Corena Golliver

​Corena brings a wide range of talent to the Harbor City group of companies. As Web Content Creator and Editor, she is focusing her talents on working with our team to create top-quality information that our audience wants and needs.

She is specifically focusing on producing great content that attracts users who are hunting for solutions to higher-level problems and then offering solid, actionable content that they can use in the best and highest quality formats possible.

Corena has 9+ years’ experience working online. She has created more than 200 e-book cover designs and thousands of banners, headers, and basic advertisements that are used in Web commerce.

Along with her graphic design abilities, she has ghost written numerous e-books, blog posts, and various forms of content for some of the most well-known marketers online. She has worked with some of the leading innovators in their fields and is now focusing all of her experience and energy towards being the best team member she can be here at Harbor City.

When she is not working, Corena enjoys painting and photography, and some of her work has been featured in museums. She has two grown daughters and one son who lives at home. She enjoys spending time with her family and sailing with her husband Michael.

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