One True Secret About Wealth That You Can’t Buy


The One True Secret About Wealth That You Can’t Buy With Money…

You would think that “how to make more money” would be the main topic 100% of the time on a financial expertise website like The Harbor Institute.

Making money is one focus, but as you’ll soon see, it’s not really what you’re looking for when trying to build wealth.

Money is certainly important, and also makes things a lot easier when you have more of it.  But when it comes to wealth and the mindset behind money, there is something that most people overlook as they press themselves harder and harder to make more of it.

It’s the one true secret about wealth that most people are truly looking for, but sometimes never get to find because they trap themselves in an endless loop trying to make more and more money.

This endless loop can leave you feeling empty if you don’t think about the one true wealth secret being revealed in this article.

The Secret Behind Living “The Wealthy Life”…

Wealth Mindset Harbor InstituteWhen you sit down, relax, and think about what it means to be wealthy, what images come to mind?

Having a nice house?  Driving your favorite car in the countryside?  Can you hear the “clinking” sound of wine glasses at a social gathering with a bunch of your friends, living the high-life?

What about taking a trip to a remote island, complete with VIP service and excellent food, which also means you’re treated like royalty?  You might choose to stay there a couple of weeks because, you know, money isn’t an issue when you’re wealthy.

What you imagine when you think about being wealthy is up to you.  But is that truly what wealth, and a wealthy life, provides you?

What do you feel when you think of these images of being wealthy?  It’s in that feeling that lays the secret.

Do you feel relaxed?  Secure?  Safe?

The secret to a wealthy life lies in the feelings you are trying to attain, not how much money you have.  It’s whatever the “feeling of being wealthy” means for you.

Here’s how to start using this secret to your advantage…

Think about the following to start on your journey to feeling wealthy:

  • Is it “having a lot of money” or knowing that you spend way less than you earn that provides a measure of security for you? What other feelings could that bring?
  • When you buy stuff, do you factor in the cost of long-term ownership? Would you feel better knowing you’re buying the highest quality of life, or by trying to obtain some false status by owning the most expensive stuff available?
  • Buy the house, rent the house, and only enough house … not too much house (which will leave you with a bunch of unused rooms and more to clean). You’ll feel wealthy knowing you’re making the right decisions.
  • Think about your travel, and even though you might have tons of money, travel frugally. You would be surprised what the wealthy spend on a trip to Paris (because likely, they aren’t going to Paris).
  • Finally, always think about what you’re buying, it’s not the stuff … it’s the feeling, the experience, the lifestyle (but not status).

Obviously, having the proper money mindset when it comes to your wealth is a large and complex topic.  This article only represents a small sliver of the immense volume of tactics, strategies, and retirement-securing knowledge we offer our Members.

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