Team Members Profile

JP Maroney

Jeffry Civey

Betsy Cook

Betsy’s role as Director of Customer Experience is responsible for providing a seamless and satisfying buying experience. She is a skilled manager and has extensive call center expertise, including customer retention and satisfaction

Her role at Harbor City is to ensure an excellent customer experience on our websites and at our events. She is excited and enthusiastic about our products and her friendly, cheerful, and warm personality is a welcome addition to our team.

Previously, she owned a top insurance agency in Northwest Los Angeles and established and operated a Save and Retention Center for CenturyLink. Most recently, she was a small business specialist at Verizon where she led the Southern Central Region in business ads for the third and fourth quarter at Verizon. She earned several awards, including the Winner’s Circle Award, President’s Cabinet Award, and Circle of Excellence Award.

Corena Golliver

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