What Just Happened To Google Ads


Google is removing the ads on the right side of the search results.  This should create a more uniform look with the desktop and mobile devices.  There are other changes that are being implemented right away–3 or 4 ads above the fold line of the search result.


In the past, Google ads were all over the page, on the right side, top and bottom.  Now with this change, the right side or gutter will be reserved for Google Products Listing ads.  It has been in  testing these changes for at least 6 years abroad. Google has stated that this move is global and permanent.


So what precipitated the change?  First one must understand how the ads above the fold line work.  There is a charge for each time the ad is clicked.  With that in mind, you can see that those clicks will now cost more than in the past.  One can only surmise that this is a great financial move for Google, however the small business owner will feel the pain.


So what is the small business owner to do?  One solution is to spend your advertising dollars by purchasing leads and directly.  The leads can be prescreened to be sure they are interested in products like yours.  One such company doing this is Harbor City.  They are checking the leads for legitimacy and to be sure that they are predisposed to your kind of product or service.  It only makes sense to spend wiser and buying leads seems to be the smart way to go.


Other opinions are that they must go on the offensive by using Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of promoting your business to the top of the list when a search for your type business is implemented.  There is a protocol for doing that.  It can be learned or there are companies out there that will do the footwork for you.  Either way, it is imperative that you get onboard with SEO or be prepared to bump up that advertising budget.
Google has certainly garnered a lot of attention with this move and as previously stated they are insistent that it is not going away.   My very best advice is to get onboard and check out the lead generation process and or Search Engine Optimization.

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